Operation Street Sweep nets dozens of arrests

By Linda Looney-Bond


Clayton County police and sheriff's deputies made 37 arrests, and issued 68 citations over the weekend, as they launched a series of joint road checks, according to Officer Kevin Hughes, Clayton County Police Department spokesman.

"A lot of them [arrests] were [for] no license or suspended license," said Hughes.

"There were five DUI arrests," he said. "Seven of the 37 were for ... drug charges. Somewhere on that person or in their vehicle may have been some drugs," he said. "They located four persons that were wanted for various charges," Hughes said.

Clayton County Police Chief Jeff Turner and Clayton County Sheriff Kem Kimbrough announced the "Operation Street Sweep" initiative Friday evening.

The road checks will be ongoing, according to Turner. "As long as you are law-abiding, you never have anything to fear from ... law enforcement," he said.

"Be law-abiding, come through our road checks. The officers are going to be courteous and friendly. We're going to get you on your way as soon as possible," he said.

"This is part of that new comprehensive thinking of law enforcement that we're doing here in Clayton County," said Kimbrough. "It's not just the sheriff's operation, or a police operation. We're thinking strategically, and everything we do compliments one another," he said.

Police and sheriff's deputies conducted a total of 10 road checks over the weekend at various locations across the county, according to Hughes.