Man charged with
impersonating officer

By Jason A. Smith


A Clayton County man is free on bond, after being apprehended in Henry County for allegedly passing himself off as a law enforcement officer.

Delroy Orlando Huyghue, 30, of Morrow, is charged with one count of impersonating a police officer.

The arrest stems from a case which reportedly originated March 10, at the CVS Pharmacy, located at 80 Fairview Rd., in Ellenwood. According to Clayton Sheriff's Sgt. Sonja Sanchez, Huyghue was working as a security guard at the store at the time of the incident.

"He made contact with a female customer in the store, and gave her a business card with a Clayton sheriff's deputy's name on it," said Sanchez. "He told her he worked as an officer during the day, and worked security at night."

Authorities said the woman later called the sheriff's office in an effort to verify the suspect's identity, and spoke with the real deputy whose name was on the card. When the deputy denied knowing the woman or giving her the card, she decided to confront Huyghue by phone.

"She asked him why he lied to her," said Sanchez. "He insisted it was really him, and she told him not to contact her anymore."

Sanchez did not say how the victim knew how to reach Huyghue, but added that the suspect continued to call the woman and send her text messages. The victim then reported the suspect, and a warrant was issued for his arrest, the sergeant said.

According to Sanchez, when Henry deputies arrived at the suspect's home to execute the warrant, they found evidence linking him to the crime. The evidence, she said, included "numerous" business cards with the name of the deputy Huyghue had allegedly impersonated, as well as a bail bondsman's badge.

The suspect was taken to the Henry County Jail Tuesday, and appeared Wednesday in Henry County Magistrate Court. The charge against Huyghue was bound over to Henry Superior Court, and he was released from custody later in the day on a $1,050 bond.

Sanchez said the arrest shines a light on the need for area citizens to be careful when they encounter someone displaying a badge. She commended the victim in the case for taking measures to act on her suspicions.

"Citizens of Clayton County and other areas should be cautious, when they are approached by someone claiming to be a member of law enforcement," she added. "They should always ask for identification, and the officer should be able to show a badge and ID card."