Historical Jonesboro plans spaghetti dinner fund-raiser

By Maria Jose Subiria


A local organization which focuses on educating the community about its history and culture will provide area residents a dinner this weekend with an Italian flare.

Historical Jonesboro/Clayton County, Inc., will host its third annual spaghetti dinner fund-raiser Saturday from 5 to 8 p.m., at the Old Firehouse Museum in Jonesboro, at 103 West Mill St. Tickets will be $6 for the dinner, and 50 cents for dessert.

Organizers are hoping the weather is not a factor in this year's turnout, after storms struck the area last year, just before the event.

"Last year we held it the day after the tornado hit, so we didn't have the attendance we hoped for," said Barbara Emert, president of Historical Jonesboro/Clayton County, Inc. "So we hope this year it will be different."

The spaghetti will be prepared by sisters, and long-time society members, Betty Mundy and Bonnie Lemacks.

"They have been members of Historical Jonesboro for over 20 years," said Emert.

Lemacks said her family's ties to Clayton County date back to 1821.

"I just want to help preserve the history of Clayton County, and anything we can do to raise money," said Lemacks. "I've never cooked for the spaghetti dinner, but in the fall we had a barbecue fundraiser at the old historical jail on King Street, and I helped cook with my husband. It's nothing new to me, because I've always cooked for big things."

Clayton County is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, and Emert said the money raised through efforts like the spaghetti dinner will support Historical Jonesboro's anniversary-related programs and other activities, like Native American Heritage Day and African American Heritage Day.

Organizers said the spaghetti dinner fund-raiser takes about two months to pull together, and some of the food items are provided by area grocers and restaurants.

"Jane Glaze, who is working with us to celebrate Clayton's birthday, will be providing home-made desserts," said Emert.

A silent auction during the event, Emert said, will including a gift basket from Juddy's Country Store, which is operated by Historical Jonesboro.

"Right now, I am still pulling it together," said Emert.

Though the organization hopes for a large turnout, Lemacks said patrons can be assured of getting enough to eat.

"We never give a skimpy amount," she said. "We always fill up."