Morrow's AMC Theaters has the 'IMAX experience'

By Maria Jose Subiria


Residents in Clayton County and surrounding areas are now be able to view movies on a screen that is much larger than the normal movie screen. They can also experience sharper digital images and high-quality surround sound.

The AMC Southlake Pavilion 24, at 7065 Mount Zion Circle, in Morrow, has been operating an IMAX auditorium for its patrons since March 6. The service debuted with the movie "Watchmen." The second movie to be featured on the giant screen is "Monsters vs. Aliens," which will allow audiences to experience IMAX in three dimensions. It opens at the theater on Friday, March 27.

"I saw 'Watchmen,' and it was cool, but the sound was awesome," said 18-year-old Brandon Schaeffer, of Stockbridge.

AMC Entertainment, Inc., and IMAX partnered to install IMAX theaters in 100 AMC locations across the country, according to Justin Scott, director of corporate communications for AMC Entertainment, Inc.

AMC Southlake Pavilion 24 in Morrow, Scott said, was the 36th location to receive an IMAX auditorium. "We, with IMAX, looked at the top-performing theaters, and we chose the Morrow location," he said. "The auditorium 13 is our IMAX auditorium [there], which seats over 400."

According to Scott, the auditorium began renovations in mid-February. "Sometimes, the first few rows have to be removed," he said, "because the screen is much bigger, and the projection booth had to be changed to IMAX projection equipment, which contains IMAX digital projection systems."

According to Scott, the IMAX screen is 25 percent larger than a regular movie screen, with a modified sound projection, and IMAX digital technology.

He said the IMAX conversion project is currently concentrating on 50 AMC locations, and will continue until 2010, when there should be a total of 100 AMC locations providing the IMAX experience.

"The next AMC Theater in the Atlanta region will be AMC Barrett Commons 24 in Kennesaw, Ga., which will open later on this spring," said Scott.

The cost for the IMAX experience is $3 more, including tax, than regular movie prices, but those in the industry don't expect that to be a deterrent.

"I thinks it's great," said Harvie Berry, of Morrow. "It's a little expensive, but things are so much better. IMAX, now that's the way to watch a movie."