News for Tuesday, March 3, 2009


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Arté Gras moves to National Archives

By Joel Hall

The tomorrow speech - Will Durst

Barack Obama's initial foray into that belly of the beast known as a joint session of Congress was nothing less than a resounding ... semi-success. Sort of.

BOE has to re-vote on hiring freeze

By Curt Yeomans

Griggs' 26 lifts Jonesboro into Elite 8

Brian Paglia

Clayton school board to choose search firm

By Curt Yeomans

Emergency training key to community readiness

By Linda Looney-Bond

Weekend snowfall melts off

From Staff Reports

Commuter rail funding proposed in HB 277

By Joel Hall

That's not fair - Martha Randolph Carr

Repeat anything often enough and it starts to sound like a hard-and-fast rule. That's the game the Republican operatives are playing right now. Just watch Fox News and see how often all the talking heads repeat the same dirge about Obama and the bailout.

Police officer recovering after shooting

By Linda Looney-Bond

The curious case of watermelon - Joel Hall

In America, black people have always had a precarious relationship with watermelon, more so than any other fruit or vegetable I can think of.

Obituaries - March 3, 2009

Carl Shoemake, Jr.

The little things - Martha Randolph Carr

When an economy starts to fail, the first tell-tale signs are small, and might even be overlooked.