Glorify God - Chester Cook

"Glorify" is one of those heavenly words that has a difficult, earthly definition.

It is, however, one of my primary principals for living.

I have written previously on my first principal for life -- "Faith in God," which means "Trust in God." I have also written about my second principal for life -- "Unconditional Love."

And now, I am writing on my third principal for life, which is "Glorify God."

Once we have learned to trust God, and love unconditionally, we are faced with the often complicated, day-to-day decisions of life.

In life, we are confronted with many, many decisions: Turn left? Turn right? Red or Blue? How are we to know which decision is the right one?

Honestly, most of the time, we don't know which decision is the right one. We weigh out the outcome, and we eliminate the bad choice, and, hopefully, pick the good choice.

However, we still may be making the wrong decision. This is where glorify comes in. When we are faced with a difficult decision, we must apply principles one and two, and then make a decision that we honestly believe would glorify God.

We must make a decision that would please God.

Jesus said: "I glorify my Father, He glorifies me." Jesus followed the will of God and did what God said, in his word. Jesus said: "I say only what the Father has told me to say. I do only what the Father has asked me to do."

God desires that we operate in faith and love and that we walk in obedience and righteousness, which is another way of saying, walk in a way that pleases God.

When we choose to trust, love and please God, God can, and will, open and shut doors to guide us into his purpose and will.

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