Letter to the Editor - May 6, 2009

That cartoon is

an outrage

To the editor:

Friday's four-panel cartoon by Adam Zyglis (May 1) irritated me to the point of outrage. The four panels show Mr. Zyglis' view of America as an evil nation. Only America would commit these atrocities. "But it works."

First panel: Evil Europeans killing Indians (excuse me, Native Americans). This is an indictment of America because hundreds of years later there would, in fact, be an America. And, if we are to believe Mr. Zyglis, this sort of activity was not taking place everywhere else in the world. Nor was it happening, in reverse, here in what would, one day, become America. To point out what should be obvious: It was a different world 500 years ago.

Second panel: Slavery in the American South. We should ignore the fact that slavery was common in every society in every corner of the world at the time. We should also ignore the fact that America, of all the places in the world where it was practiced, was the first nation to abolish slavery. Many others still practice it to this day.

Skip to panel four: It has become a rallying cry with the Left in this country to decry "torture" as practiced by America during the War On Terror. As much as they hate Dick Cheney, what we have done is not torture. To call it so is an insult to those who had to endure the real thing from Apaches, Japanese, North Vietnamese, Sadam's goons and countless others over the years. And, how many American servicemen and women have died because of our commitment to spare civilians in war zones?

Panel three: This is the worst. The use of the atom bomb at the end of World War II causes much angst among the Blame-America-First crowd. However, even to them, it should be apparent that we were forced into war by Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. After years of fighting in the Pacific, an invasion of mainland Japan was imminent. Estimates were of a million American casualties and many more Japanese. All of our enemies (and some of our allies) were trying to perfect this most terrible of weapons.

Does Mr. Zyglis believe that Japan would not have used it, if they develop it first? Millions of lives were saved because Harry Truman had the courage to do what had to be done. For decades afterwards, our ability to match or exceed what the Soviet Union could bring to the table, kept them at bay. Sorry Left, it's true. Only today, 60 years later, do we have in North Korea and Iran and God knows where else, leaders who seem willing to use these weapons again.

And only today do we have a President who -- Has the courage to do what has to be done? No. Has the courage to stand up to the terrorists who killed thousands of Americans on American soil? No. Travels the world apologizing for what this country has done over the years to protect itself (and almost everyone else)? Unfortunately, yes. Thank you Adam Ziglis for helping our President get the word out. America is an evil, evil country. But it works.