Suspects jailed in drug-trafficking case
Joint investigation ongoing with Clayton Police

By Jason A. Smith


Two Clayton County men are being held without bond in the Henry County Jail, after an undercover drug operation led to their arrests.

Francisco Alfredo Roldan Altamirano, 29, and Alejandro Ramiro Sanchez, 36, both of Forest Park, are charged with trafficking methamphetamine and the sale of methamphetamine.

Narcotics officers with the Henry County Police Department apprehended the suspects Wednesday. According to Henry Police Capt. Jason Bolton, the arrests are part of an ongoing joint investigation with the Clayton County Police Department's drug unit.

"[Altamirano and Sanchez] were arrested at a Henry County hotel, after selling approximately two ounces of methamphetamine to undercover agents," said Bolton. "During the course of the investigation, the two men sold a total of three ounces of methamphetamine to police."

Both were arrested and taken to the Henry County Jail. Bolton said, in addition to charging the suspects, authorities also took possession of items belonging to Altamirano and Sanchez, to assist in the investigation.

"Two vehicles were seized ..., including a 2000 Ford Mustang and a 2004 Ford Excursion, along with over $5,600 in cash," said Bolton.

The captain confirmed that representatives from the Clayton Police Department were present when Altamirano and Sanchez were arrested. Bolton also credited officers from the Henry Police Department's Criminal Apprehension and Gang Enforcement unit, as well as the agency's K-9 unit, for helping with the case. The police department did not release additional details regarding the joint investigation.

Altamirano and Sanchez appeared in Henry County Magistrate Court Thursday morning, represented by the Public Defender's Office. Their respective cases were reset for June 18, in order for an interpreter to be present for court proceedings.

In the event a judge determines there is sufficient probable cause to bind the cases over, bond for the suspects will be set at a later date in Superior Court.