News for Wednesday, May 27, 2009


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McDonough teen picked for travel scholarship

By Valerie Baldowski

Southern Crescent to host Ga Games events

By Zack Huffman

Lopez wants LPGA back at Eagle's Landing

By Doug Gorman

Look for coupons in all the right places

When people hear how much money I save each week on my grocery bill by using coupons, there are those who conclude that I must use secret, special coupons that the rest of the world isn't clued into. In one of my coupon classes a woman asked, "Where do you find these coupons? I noticed my friend has different coupons in her paper than I do."

Martha's big adventure - Lessons from a recession

It's the second month of not having a return address to call my own, and I'm still alright. Roof over my head, great company, a lot of reunions with old friends and afternoons spent sitting in the middle of a four-acre moss garden in Virginia while I write a column and work on the new thriller. There are rougher gigs.

McDonough orders stop to vehicle 'booting'

The City of McDonough has issued an order to Georgia Parking Enforcement, Inc., to prevent cars parked in private lots without permission from being booted, but the company's owner, Steven Harper, is not taking the order without a fight.

Archives employees prepare Civil War documents

By Curt Yeomans

The underdog unexpectedly triumphs - Floyd and Mary Beth Brown

Dubbed a "dark horse" weeks ago by the judges, Kris Allen -- a wholesome, smooth vocalist and singer/songwriter -- rose above expectations and won the title of American Idol.

Stimulus for the dead - Tom Purcell

"Dead? What do you mean, you're dead?"

Obituaries - May 27, 2009

Stevie L. Richardson

BOE approves contract for Heatley

By Curt Yeomans

Domestic dispute fuels SWAT standoff

By Joel Hall