Man shot during basketball game

By Linda Looney-Bond

and Curt Yeomans


Clayton County Police are investigating a shooting that happened Wednesday night when three men were playing a game of basketball outside a Jonesboro home.

The incident occurred at a home on Channing Drive, according to Officer Kevin Hughes, a spokesman for the Clayton County Police Department. Two basketball goals were set up in the driveway of the house where the shooting occurred, one by the street, and another by the house.

"A disagreement arose while they were playing basketball," said Hughes.

Hughes said the victim was transported to Southern Regional Medical Center, but he did not know the man's condition. He was listed in critical condition, according to a television news report.

Clayton County Police arrested a suspect at 8918 Yarmouth Drive, Hughes said. "They were preparing to make entry, and he came out," said Hughes. No information was available on the identity of the suspect or victim.

After the victim was transported to Southern Regional, the suspect was arrested, and police left the scene. The two goals, a basketball and some rags were left in the driveway of the house on Channing Drive.

A woman who came to the door of the house and identified herself as the homeowner said she and her daughters did not know the men who were playing basketball, and they did not see the shooting happen. The woman declined to giver her name.

Jeff Davis, 39, a neighbor who lives near where the shooting occurred, said he came to the window of his house after hearing a "pop" that he thought was "either a gunshot or firecracker going off" just before 7 p.m. Davis said when he got to his window, he saw two men, whom he said were brothers, standing over the man who was shot. Davis said one of the men had a gun in his hand.

The man who was shot was being shaken by the man holding the gun, Davis said. He said he did not know if the man who was shot was related to the other two men.

"He was on his knees and I said to my wife 'I think they're just playing,' and then he fell over and she said 'They're not playing,'" Davis said. "Then the one who was holding the gun handed it to the other one and said 'Run, Run' and that's when the guy took off running."

Davis said the men involved in the shooting did not live at the house where the incident occurred, but he believed all three of them lived together in the neighborhood. Davis added that it is not uncommon to see as many as 20 people playing basketball in the driveway of the house where the shooting occurred.

"It's like a neighborhood hangout," Davis said.

Davis and other people who live in the neighborhood, but declined to give their names, said they were not surprised by the shooting. Davis, who has lived in his house since 1979, said gunfire in the neighborhood has become a regular occurrence. He and his wife said they are afraid for their grandchildren, and nieces and nephews who often come by for visits.

"It's time to move. I'm not going to get shot," Davis said.