Waterfowl live amongst Clayton State community

There have been several famous ducks over the years.

The Walt Disney Company has "Donald Duck," his girlfriend, "Daisy," and his extended family, which includes nephews, "Huey, Dewey and Louie," and uncle, "Scrooge McDuck."

Rival studio, Warner Brothers, has "Daffy Duck."

Meanwhile, Clayton State University has been recognized by U.S. News and World Report as the South's most diverse baccalaureate college several times in recent years. But the diversity on the university's Morrow campus is not limited to different human ethnicities.

The university is also the home of several ducks, swans and Canada geese, who live out their lives and raise their young amongst the more than 6,000 students who attend Clayton State.

But these waterfowl are not like "Howard the Duck." They do not promote an insurance company like the "Aflac Duck," either.

The feathered residents of Clayton State can be found near the lakes and ponds, which are spread out across the campus, but many of these fowl can be found in, or near, the university's Swan Lake.

In the morning hours, mama ducks can be seen leading their ducklings around the banks of Swan Lake in search of food. The ducklings can also be found wandering near their mothers - but never straying too far away - as they explore their surroundings.

- Curt Yeomans