Police: Woman lied about child abduction

By Linda Looney-Bond


Clayton County Police said Wednesday they arrested a woman for allegedly filing a false report, stating that her daughter had been abducted. The claim led to a Levi's Call, which was later canceled.

Cara Williams, 28, was arrested after police say she called and told them, early Wednesday morning, that her 1-year-old daughter had been abducted by the child's father, Sentwali Corry, 30.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) then issued a Levi's Call -- Georgia's version of the Amber Alert -- for the child who had reportedly last been seen wearing a pink jumpsuit, white tennis shoes and a pink hat.

The alert stated that the child was "believed to be in extreme danger," and had last been seen at a home located at 772 Pointe South Parkway, in Jonesboro, according to the Levi's Call bulletin.

Williams allegedly told police that Corry was believed to be traveling in a blue, 1993 Nissan van, according to the bulletin.

However, after further investigation, and an interview of Williams, police determined that the abduction report was false, and canceled the Levi's Call by late morning, according to Officer Kevin Hughes, a spokesman for the Clayton County Police Department.

"She was reporting the child as an abducted child and that she had legal custody -- not the dad. Once they did investigative work, they found that he [Corry] had legal custody of the child, and he and the child are in Maryland," Hughes said.

Hughes said he did not have information about why Williams allegedly made the false report.

Williams was charged with giving a false statement and false report of a crime, Hughes said. She was arrested, and transported to the Clayton County Jail, according to Hughes.

GBI Spokesman John Bankhead said it's up to local law enforcement agencies to determine whether an abduction report, or missing-child report, is legitimate.

"It's better to err on the side of caution, than to not do it," Bankhead said. "Given what Clayton County was told by the mother, looks to me like they didn't have any choice. By the time you finish investigating it, the child could be in danger. So you have make quick decisions."