We must remember the true meaning of Veterans Day

To the editor:

As a proud Vietnam veteran, who is preparing for Veterans Day, I find it

tragic that so many of my fellow Americans view Nov. 11 as just

another day off work.

I lost friends in Vietnam, and I made a promise to their families that they would never, ever be forgotten.

With wars on two fronts -- and the VA workload topping one million claims -- it is

time for all Americans to remember the true meaning of Veterans Day.

I hope everyone in our area will remember what Veterans Day is all about.

Call one of our local VFW Posts to take part in our ceremonies. And as

we near the holidays, please keep our deployed troops and their

families in your prayers.

Send a care package, or donate to a program that supports our troops and veterans, such as VFW Operation Uplink,www.operationuplink.org.

Always remember those who have fought for your freedom!