Calendar contest to raise funds for United Way

By Linda Looney-Bond


The deadline is drawing near to submit your pet's picture to appear in the inaugural United Way Tri-County calendar.

The 2010 fund-raising calendar will feature canine and feline pets. Those who want to showcase their pets will have to pay an entry fee of $20 per picture, according to Sheri Willis, associate director of resource development, for the Tri-County United Way, which serves Clayton, Henry, and Butts counties.

"All pets' pictures that are entered will be displayed somewhere in the calendar," Willis said. However, she said the entries will be judged, and a panel will choose 12 photos to be displayed, individually, on each month of the calendar.

Judges for the competition will include United Way staff members and volunteers, Willis said. She said there is no set criteria for the judging of the entries. "It's based on the opinion of judges, for example: 'I think this one's cutest or this one's different,'" Willis said.

Entries must include a registration form and photo, along with the entry fee.

Proceeds will benefit the programs supported by the Tri-County United Way, located at 107 Westridge Industrial Blvd., in McDonough.

"We do give money to the American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, and Girl Scouts of America, in Clayton, Henry and Butts counties," she said.

Among other programs, Willis said, the branch also helps to fund the Calvary Refuge Center, a transitional housing shelter for families in need, located in Forest Park.

To encourage additional participation in the fund-raising effort, the Tri-County branch is asking sponsors to advertise in the calendar, and is also taking orders for pre-sales of the calendar.

"As an added incentive, the person who raises the highest total funds in ad sales and calendar pre-sales, no later than Nov. 23, will have their canine/feline featured on the cover of the calendar," Willis said in a press statement.

"This calendar will go out, not only to the Tri-County area, but also to the surrounding metropolitan area, because we're not limiting the entries to just the Tri-County area. Anyone can enter," she said.

Willis said all payments and entry fees should be made payable to the United Way. The entry fee of $20 should be submitted no later than Nov. 18, along with a photo and registration form. Electronic submissions are preferred, and should be submitted to unitedwaycalendar2010@yahoo.com. Entries can also be mailed to the branch's physical address.

Participants may request a registration form by e-mail at the above e-mail address, according to Willis.

Funds raised through ad sales and calendar pre-sales should be turned in no later than Nov. 23, Willis said. She said calendars will be ready for pick up at the Tri-County United Way office by Dec. 7.

For more information, contact Sheri Willis at (678) 623-2871.