Suspects surrender in Henry card-fraud case

By Jason A. Smith


Two suspects accused of making fraudulent purchases on a soldier's credit card have surrendered to authorities in Henry County.

Kevin Lee Segars, 30, of Locust Grove, is charged with financial transaction card fraud, and Kelly Louise Flowers, 23, of Griffin, is charged with financial identity fraud.

Another suspect, Franklin Delano Cartlidge, III, 29, of Jonesboro, is charged with financial transaction card fraud and financial transaction card theft. He is being held on unrelated charges in the Clayton County Jail, according to Henry County Police Capt. Jason Bolton.

Henry County Police believe the suspects, along with Brandon David McElwaney, 22, of Doraville, charged items on a Lowe's credit card which was taken during an Aug. 21 break-in at the home of Army National Guard Master Sgt. Sylvia Simmons, of Stockbridge. Authorities said the card was used to make purchases at stores in Riverdale, Stockbridge and McDonough.

Segars, according to records at the Henry County Jail, is suspected of fraudulent purchases totaling $1,907.66. He turned himself in to the Henry County Jail Wednesday, and appeared Thursday in Magistrate Court, represented by the Public Defender's Office.

Segars' case was bound over to Superior Court, and he was released from the jail Thursday, on $1,050 bond.

Flowers turned herself in to authorities Thursday, and appeared in court Friday. She was seen shedding tears before Judge Robert Godwin, just before he set her bond at $7,500.

Steve Frey, Flowers' defense attorney, maintained that his client was "not involved" in the break-in at Simmons' home, and that his client was unaware the Lowe's card was stolen.

"[Flowers] participated unknowingly in the unauthorized use of Sgt. Simmons' credit card," said Frey. "It was her understanding that the card belonged to a relative of one of the other suspects."

Frey said as soon as Flowers discovered, on Thursday, that she was suspected of having committed a crime, she "cooperated with police" in their investigation.

"She contacted me, and we contacted detectives with Henry County Police and made ourselves available for an interview ..."

Bolton said police are still attempting to locate McElwaney.

"He may be in Florida somewhere," Bolton said.

He indicated that a fifth person, an unidentified female, may also face charges in connection with the case.

"[She] will most likely be charged out of Riverdale, the only jurisdiction in which we can prove she committed a crime," Bolton said.