More Back Talk on Health care

* Just finished reading the Nov. 11th edition of the Herald and I am a little confused. I have been waiting for the past two weeks for you to publish my (previous) letter to the editor. It hasn't happened. As a matter of fact, there are no letters to the editor printed in most editions. But on Nov. 11th, you chose to devote an entire page of letters about the controversial health-care reform bill. If it is so controversial, why did you print 17 letters, all except one exorting the potential benifits of the health-care reform bill? Unless I am mistaken, polls indicate a plurality of citizens are opposed to the current health-care proposals. This doesn't sound very fair and balanced. It states very clearly in your Letters to the Editor instructions that all letters must be signed and mailed to the Herald. No where does it mention that the letters may be submitted online. It is interesting that you state that all of the letters printed on Nov. 11th were received through online submission.

Newspapers across the country are losing readership because their credibility has been questioned, and rightly so. It is sad to conclude that the Herald is heading in the same direction.


Locust Grove

* On Nov. 7, 2009, the House of Representatives passed HR 3962. They overlooked one thing. The people that voted them into their positions can, and will, vote them out.


Jenkinsburg, Ga.

* A warning for Washington -- We are U.S. citizens and taxpayers. Based on the fundamentals of our Constitution, you are treading on our free will. Your actions speak loudly. Your words are meaningless. You are not above us as you appear to believe. We will take you out of your position as quickly as we placed you there. So, stop trying to control our lives. We do not want you in our health care, we do not want you to control the media, and we do not want you to control the Internet. You will not prevail in opposition to the American public.



* This is the greatest bill ever, it pays for me to have something that, otherwise, I could not afford. It helps me deal with issues I would rather let someone else handle for me. Best of all, it's free for me. Since the jobs are going overseas now, and I can't find work, I don't have to pay for anything, I can get food stamps to help with that cost as I panhandle all day and make good money, especially around the banking area of Atlanta. Those nice people always give me some money, 'cause I am poor, and I will get it from them anyway, through federal handouts and subsidies. Well, enough about me, thank you federal government for making my life a living hell by doing all the wrong things.


Griffin, Ga.

* In your Wednesday edition of the Henry Daily Herald, dated 11/11/09, your Op-Ed section was very interesting, but not surpising. Of the twenty letters written, only one -- just one -- had a negative comment about the Health Care Reform Bill, H.R. 3962. That lone "one" seemed to really understand what would take place if that bill ever got out of the Senate and signed by the president. The 19 other letters by your readers seemed to think that the "bill" was the best thing to come along since high-button shoes. Manna from Heaven!

One writer even praised the "bi-partisanship" of the vote! Amazing. There was one lone Republican who voted for the bill. That is bi-partisanship? As I said, it was interesting but not surprising. Most people don't pay a whole lot of attention to what our government is doing. When they go to the polls to vote, they have no idea what a particular candidate stands for. They just like that person, for whatever reason, so they vote for that one.

Don't people realize that this "bill" will force you to get insurance, even if you can't afford it, and even if you don't want it? If you can afford it, but don't want it and refuse to get it, you will be fined and put in jail. If you can't afford insurance, our all-knowing government will put you on their plan, and, you will not get the medications you need, but what they think you need. Any medical proceedure that is deemed to be too expensive, will be denied by our all-knowing government. Haven't people paid any attention to what is going on?

This Health Care Reform Bill is the worst bill to come along in the history of this country. It is not constitutional. The government cannot force anyone to buy something they don't want. Please, someone tell me, where in the Constitution is it mandated that people "must" have health insurance or have a Constitutional right to health insurance ...? It is not a "right." Freedom of speech is a "right." Bearing arms is a "right." Freedom of the press, is a "right." Not health insurance. So, to all those who think H.R. 3962 is manna from heaven, wake up! It will destroy this country.



* In the Nov 11 edition, on page 4, is a page with the heading, "Henry County Voices." Out of 20 online remarks, 19 were for the insane House Health-care Bill that was passed in the House last Saturday, and only one was against. Amazing! Of course, the one against was printed last in your list of 20. Hopefully, there was no bias on the part of your local paper. Surely not, but it has been known to happen. It just seems odd that your statement before these comments was, "Here is what your neighbors have to say." I was prepared to read a few comments supporting the health-care bill, but I fully expected that the majority of comments would be against. This appears to be a concerted effort by an organized group to give the appearance that most people support this bill. I know the AARP has sent e-mails in the past advocating that people write online letters to the editor in support of health care.

I sincerely hope that these are not a true sampling of the majority of people in the state of Georgia. I know no one who supports this horrible spending bill called health care. I know no one who supports the cradle-to-grave-government-help mentality going on in most of Washington, D. C. We are doomed as a nation, if even the conservative states, such as Georgia, think that all this foolish government spending is a good thing.

No matter how great and good you think a certain need is, there comes a time to realize the government can't continue to spend money it doesn't have and continue printing money so that more money can be given to any and every cause. This country needs time to recover from all the bad bailouts and spending that has already happened. Already, our dollar is being devalued. Surely, most people do not want our currency to become worthless. All the Federal Government wants is to control all aspects of our lives, and they are using money to accomplish their goal. Nothing is free from the government. Most of us will have tax increases and a lot of these will be hidden taxes.

One last thing, I appreciate Representative Westmoreland's vote against this bill. He represents my feelings completely in this matter.


No address given

* The health-care bill recently passed by the House is an affront to liberty, and portends a tyrannical government. It goes against all that America has ever stood for: self-reliance, freedom, and the principles of self-government. For the first time in the 230+ years since our nation was founded upon the recognition of our inalienable, inherent rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, our imperial federal government now pretends to the authority to force Americans to buy health-care insurance, whether they want it or not. Bear in mind that this is not tax revenue destined for the federal coffers, but money paid to commercial enterprises -- health-care insurers -- under the threat of government force.

If government legitimately has such powers, why did we need Cash for Clunkers? Congress could have just told Americans, "We require you to buy a new car, whether you want, need, or can afford one, or not."

What a happy day for the health-insurance industry. How many other industries wish they had the force of government courts and police to make Americans buy their products, whether they want them or not? To have the government willingly put a gun to the head of each citizen -- literally or figuratively -- to force them to buy your product, must be beyond the wildest dreams of many an unscrupulous businessman.

This is the most blatantly unconstitutional power grab ever perpetrated in Washington, D.C. In 1935, the Supreme Court ruled that matters such as health care "obviously lie outside the orbit of congressional power." (Railroad Retirement Board v. Alton Railroad Co., 295 U.S. 330 (1935)). Yet, 220 of our Representatives, sworn to uphold the very Constitution that denies the Congress this authority, voted to move this bill forward. They are all traitors to the ideals of America and to our Constitution and their respective oaths of office, and deserve to be tarred and feathered for their attack on the People's liberty.

Two hundred years ago, our forefathers would have resisted such tyranny with the force of arms. Have we become so subservient to the federal behemoth that we no longer have the will to resist such an attack on our basic economic liberties? Or have we become so dependent on the government dole that we will accept even this insult and indignation so long as some hapless taxpayer picks up our medical bills? We have reached a point of moral degradation in this country where the leeches of society will shamelessly call for others to be looted to meet their most basic needs, rather than suffer the inconveniences of employment, achievement, and providing for one's own family.

And now we see that the big health-insurance corporations will happily use the force of government mandate to expand their enrollments and pick the country's pockets. And the people elected to protect the interests of average Americans are only too willing to sell us out to the highest bidder. They must have dollar signs in their eyes anticipating those handsome campaign donations from the corporate special interests served by this "legislation." What is next? Now that government has shown its willingness to trample the people's rights under its boot to pursue the benefit of generous special interests, where will it end? To quote Thomas Jefferson, "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just."



* The House Health-care Bill and any Senate Health-care Bill that may follow is actually a slap in the face to any intelligent tax paying, law abiding, responsible American Citizen. To tell us that it will not increase our taxes is an absolute, outright lie! Not only will it necessitate an increase in our taxes, it will alter our lives in so many other ways, as the government continues to control our lives.

This situation almost becomes a laughing matter, if it actually were not so serious. When is the last time that the United States government ran any government-run program successfully? Examples: Social Security, the Postal Service, Medicare/Medicaid, Cash for Clunkers, public schools, the corrupt Welfare/Food Stamp Programs, Stimulus Packages, Bailouts, etc. The government just cannot seem to do anything right or without corrupt individuals, and they want us to trust and rely on them ...?

We have corrupt legislators, presidential administrators, etc., and we are supposed to feel confident in the decisions of this corrupt government. I FOR ONE CANNOT AND WILL NOT. I WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT THIS UNJUST GOVERNMENT THROUGH MY VOICE, FOR AS LONG AS I CAN.



* Thank you for supporting the health-care reform bill that was passed in the House of Representatives. This legislation is long overdue. Please lend whatever support you can to ensure it passes in the Senate to ensure that all Americans will have affordable health insurance.