Thanksgiving a time to share your blessings - James Bell

You may recall in our Thanksgiving story last year that Mr. Jordan had been invited to share the holiday with the Blacks at their home. After dinner, they were all talking and Buddy Black's father mentioned that he had been trying to find work in the area, without any luck.

Mr. Jordan said he had been thinking about opening a general store in town, and he thought it would go well for all the people who have to go to the neighboring town to buy their food and supplies. Jeb Black, Buddy's father, said he thought it was a good idea, because he had worked in a general store several years back, and the owner had a good business.

Buddy, and his mother and father, were surprised when Mr. Jordan asked Jeb, "Would you consider managing the store for me?"

Mr. Jordan and Jeb got busy, and soon, they opened the first store in their small town. It was a huge success and proved to be a very good job for Buddy's dad, for now the family had a steady income and what seemed to Buddy the greatest blessing in his life. Now, he had new clothes and even new shoes. There was plenty of good food to eat at his house. Buddy thought, "God has really blessed us! Thank You Jesus! For being so good!"

Mr. Jordan had asked Buddy if he could work two or three hours at the store after school, and if it would be all right with his mother and dad. Buddy was delighted and his father said he sure could use the help. Buddy said he would ask his mother, and if she had no problems, he would take the job. His mother said fine, but, "You must get your home work and keep your grades up in school."

Buddy learned he would make 10 cents an hour for his work. Wow! He thought, that's great. His dad told him there were grown men working for that same wage and Mr. Jordan was very generous to pay that much an hour.

Buddy saved his money, and soon, he had saved ten dollars. He started thinking of what he could buy with that much money. He talked with his dad and mother and said, "I would like to buy a shotgun for times I go hunting with dad." He had seen the guns in the store and had been admiring them. He thought that, in a few more weeks, he would have enough money to buy a 410-gage shotgun.

The next day at school, Buddy met a new boy whose family had just moved to their town. He talked with him and welcomed him to his class. Buddy liked the young boy and hoped they would become friends. He told him of his plans to buy a shotgun for rabbit hunting with his dad.

His young friend said, "It must be nice to go hunting with your dad. We don't have any time for hunting, because we have to work so much." Buddy later learned this new family were sharecroppers on the Jones farm just east of town. Later, when he told his mother about the family, she said they all had to work very hard and made very little, just enough to live on.

Buddy thought about this family and how little they had. He wondered what kind of Thanksgiving they would have, because they were so poor. That night at supper, Buddy told his mother and dad he had been thinking about buying that shotgun and had decided not to buy it. His dad said, "I thought you had your heart set on that gun, why did you change your mind?"

"I think I would rather spend my money taking Thanksgiving dinner to the new boy and his family, because I know they will have very little to enjoy and be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day," Buddy said. "Will you and Dad help me to take dinner to them and let me pay for it?"

They both hugged him and said they would be glad to help. On Thanksgiving Day, the Black family took the exact duplicate of their dinner to the new family. They had turkey and dressing, several vegetables and pumpkin pie. The new family was surprised and very grateful. They thanked Mr. and Mrs. Black for their generosity, but Mr. and Mrs. Black said that their son, Buddy, had spent his own money to give his new friend and his family a happy Thanksgiving.

On the way home, Buddy and his mom and dad were singing and praising God, for they realized a truth of God: It's better to give than receive!

Buddy was learning early in life how to share with others, especially with the poor.

May we all be very thankful this year, and enjoy sharing with others. Happy Thanksgiving!