Alleged police impersonator faces additional charges

By Linda Looney-Bond


A man, who was recently charged with impersonating a police officer in Jonesboro, now faces additional charges of forgery and making a false ID.

Jonesboro Police filed the new charges against Darryl Lebron Cummings, 23, on Nov. 19, Lt. Wayne Woods said Monday.

The forgery and false ID charges stem from alleged false military ID's that Cummings allegedly had in his possession when he was arrested on Nov. 16, according to Woods.

The arrest occurred after Jonesboro Police Officer Brian Rogan stopped Cummings for allegedly speeding on S. Main Street, at Chestnut Street, in Jonesboro, according to a police report.

Cummings was wearing black gloves with the word "Sheriff" written across the back of the hand, the report states. "Mr. Cummings was visibly nervous and shaking," Rogan wrote in the report. "I asked Mr. Cummings [if] he was a police officer, and he said he had just got on with the sheriff's office, and he was a police officer in the Air Force," the report says.

Rogan then asked Cummings if he had a sheriff's office ID card, and Cummings then allegedly told him that he actually was not a sheriff's deputy, but that he had only taken the "entry test."

Rogan said he could see a black shirt laying across the back seat in "plain view" with the word "Police" written on it. "I then asked Mr. Cummings if he was carrying a gun, and he said, yes. At that time, for his safety and mine, I handcuffed Mr. Cummings," Rogan wrote.

The officer said he then determined that Cummings was carrying a loaded 9 mm pistol on his right side, in a holster. He said Cummings told him he did not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

The officer also questioned Cummings about a "USAF Special Agent" ID card in his wallet, and he said Cummings replied, "That's what I did in the Air Force."

"The ID in his wallet was a photo copy. Another photo copy was located in the vehicle passenger seat. Upon examination ... it was plain to see it was a forgery," the police report states.

According to the report, police also found a bullet-resistant vest, two yellow rain coats with the word "Police" on the back and front, and 24 rounds of 9 mm ammunition.

Cummings was arrested and transported to the Clayton County Jail. He was granted $41,000 bond, according to court records, but still remained in jail on Monday, according to jail officials.

Cummings was assigned a public defender, Attorney Reginald Martin, according to the Clayton Circuit Public Defender's Office. Policy prohibits the public defender's office from commenting on on-going cases, according to administrators.