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Police seek suspect in new sexual-assault case

By Curt Yeomans

The Clayton County Police Department is searching for a man who allegedly fondled, and robbed a 25-year-old woman 15 minutes after she dropped her children off at their bus stop in College Park on Tuesday morning.

A "Be On The Lookout" (BOLO) warning was issued by police late Wednesday night for a black male, described as being about 30 years old, and 5 feet, 7 inches in height, with a slim-to-medium build, a dark-brown skin complexion and a 2-inch-long, matted-down afro hairdo. According to the BOLO, he may be trying to hide bad teeth under his upper lip when he talks.

The suspect is accused of armed robbery, burglary and sexual assault, according to a police report. Clayton County Police spokesman, Officer Otis Willis, III, said investigators want to question the suspect to see if he is linked to, or has information about, a series of sexual assaults that took place throughout the county earlier this year.

"You want to get this guy in, and question him to see if there is more going on than what he's accused of doing in one, single case," Willis said. The police spokesman added, "If anyone has seen him, it would be greatly appreciated if they would contact us."

The alleged sexual assault on Tuesday took place at 6:15 a.m., according to the police report. It happened at the Gardenwood Apartment complex in College Park, said Lt. Rebecca Brown, another Clayton County Police spokesperson.

The victime had just dropped her children off at their bus stop at 6 a.m. Willis said he did not know how many children the woman has. She came back to her apartment and lay face down, on the couch, Willis said. She was home alone at the time of the assault, he added.

Willis said the suspect entered the apartment by breaking a window, and stole $12 from atop a counter. Hearing a noise, the victim looked up from the couch, and saw the suspect standing over her, with a white rag covering his mouth, according to the police report.

The suspect placed his right hand in his pants pocket and told the victim, "if you don't stop screaming, I will shoot you." Brown said the suspect then reached around and fondled the victim's chest.

Police said the suspect demanded money from the victim, and she directed him to the counter. He told her he had gotten that money already, and demanded more, to which she said that was all she had. He then asked for a laptop (computer), but she told him she did not have one, and offered her television, and her credit card and PIN code instead, according to the report.

Police said the suspect made the victim go to her bedroom, and lay face down on her bed, with her hands behind her head while he pulled down her underwear and fondled her buttocks. She told the suspect she was pregnant and lying on her stomach might hurt her unborn child, according to the police report.

The victim told police the suspect then said, "I don't want to [expletive] you, I just want to feel on your booty," according to the police report. The suspect then made the victim go into her bathroom, and wait there until he left. The report does not specify how long the victim stayed in the bathroom.

According to the police report, the victim reported to police that the suspect also stole her purse, which contained her debit card, driver's license and "important papers."

The victim's husband contacted the police and filed the complaint, Willis said.

At least seven sexual assaults were reported between last December and August, and have been attributed by police to a single suspect. Those incidents took place in Morrow, Jonesboro, Stockbridge and College Park. The suspect in those incidents has been described as being a black male, 5 feet, 7 inches in height, in his early 20s, with a medium complexion, with his face at least partially concealed.

In those assaults, the suspect forced his victims into their bathrooms, where he fondled, or raped them. In some of those cases, the suspect committed a lewd act, and made the victims take a shower to avoid leaving DNA evidence.

Willis said police are still looking for a suspect in those assaults. He could not say if the suspect in Tuesday's incident is tied to the previous incidents, but he added, "It's possible."

"We're asking people to lock their doors, lock their windows and be aware of their surroundings," Willis said. "If you see someone acting suspicious, call 911."

Anyone with information on Tuesday's incident is asked to call the Clayton County Police Department's tip line at (770) 473-5400, or the Criminal Investigation Division at, either (770) 477-3614, or (770) 477-3650.