Artists demonstrate their talents on McDonough Square

By Johnny Jackson


Passers-by on the McDonough Square this weekend may see an artist or two, in mid-stroke, working on art pieces and paintings.

The convocation of artists is a part of the "Art Attack" showcase, art walk event organized by the non-profit McDonough Arts Council. The event is being held, through 5 p.m., today, at local businesses surrounding the McDonough Square.

Visitors to The Square have an opportunity to see area artists as they demonstrate how they create their work, according to Linda Schenk, Main Street McDonough director and chairperson for the event.

Schenk said the event is an effort, by the council, to promote local artists while advertising local businesses. Visitors are able to view the artists' process in creating art pieces, ask questions about the art, or even purchase artwork for themselves, she added.

"It's been some time since I've painted anything," said artist Wesley Morgan. "I thought this would be a good time to get back into it."

Morgan - co-owner of Scandinavian Custom Framing, located at 33 Griffin Street, just off The Square - is a self-taught painter. He said he has been painting since childhood, mostly in the oil-on-canvas medium.

He sat content in front of the framing shop Friday as he made some significant progress on his latest work, an oil painting of no particular Atlanta Braves baseball player, spread out on a three-by-four-foot canvass.

The piece, he calls "You're Out," was specifically requested by a long-time Atlanta Braves fan, and will take him about 40 hours to complete, he added.

Morgan acknowledged that the Art Attack event provided a good opportunity for him to work with the piece and demonstrate to others painting techniques he has learned over the years.

"It relaxes me," he said. "It's just like framing, and we love framing."

Down the block from Morgan, sat friend and fellow artist, Jane Gough. "I'm here just to share in the experience," said Gough, as she fine-tuned details in her 30-by-40-inch painting, called "The Masquerade."

The acrylic painting displayed a woman, seemingly in deep thought, dressing for a masquerade ball. "It's a reflection of life and how people present themselves - what's imaginary and what's real," Gough explained.

Gough, who also deals in oil paints, is a life-coach and an art teacher at The Sharon School in McDonough.

"As with being a life-coach, I want to promote inner awareness, so that people can celebrate and fully appreciate life," she added. "I want to truly show the humanity in us."

Gough's work will be on display today in front of the ladies boutique, Pizaz, Etc., located at 31 Griffin Street in downtown McDonough.

"It's very detailed, very unique," said Mitzi Carr, owner of Pizaz, Etc. "She is a very talented artist, but so are all of the artists that are participating."

Carr wanted her store to participate in the open-air artist showcase as a means to promote art, and educate area residents on their local artists.

"We have a lot of very talented artists in McDonough," Carr said. "We're trying to make the general public aware of the artists."

The Art Attack event, which began Friday afternoon, will continue today, from noon until 5 p.m. For more information, call the council at (404) 281-2512, or visit the council's web site.


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