Firefighters battle blaze at apartment complex

A fire broke out Monday at a condemned apartment complex on Battlecreek Road in Jonesboro - the same complex where a blaze erupted early last month.

No injuries were reported in the fire Monday at the Evergreen Apartments, located at 555 Battle Creek Road, according to Battalion Chief Landry Merkison, of the Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services Department.

The previous fire erupted at the complex on Sept. 2. Because the building was empty, firefighters let much of that fire burn itself out to avoid risking the safety of fire personnel, Merkison said.

Monday's fire erupted around 5 p.m.

"Units got here and they had a fire in a crawl space," Merkison said. "They went in and attempted to put it out, but they could feel the floor giving way underneath their feet, so they pulled everybody out, and we're fighting it from the outside," he said.

Merkison said authorities were not sure, Monday, how the fire started.

"It's been vacant for months. There's no telling at this point. We don't know who could have been in it," Merkison said. "These buildings aren't secured, so you don't know if it was homeless people, or vandals, or what the case may be."

- Linda Looney-Bond