Voter intimidation in Jonesboro?

To the editor:

I have lived in Jonesboro since I came back from the Vietnam war in 1969. I married a Jonesboro Southern Belle, who has lived here even longer. We thought this was a friendly place to be. We have good neighbors in Jonesboro.

But lately, the tone around here is getting right nasty, especially about politics.

Before I became disabled and was working every day to make a living for my family, I didn't pay any attention to Jonesboro politics. But, no doubt that I should have.

I never thought that I would have a Jonesboro resident come to our house and try to intimidate my wife not to put certain campaign signs in our yard. After the last mayor's race, which became such a disaster on the outcome, we had decided to not have any campaign signs in our yard.

But that has all changed. We will be putting signs in our yard. They will be for the best candidates.

The "lady" who came by pointed out several possible code violations we had that might cause a problem. Like flowers too tall, limbs at the street (which the city, or Robertson Sanitation has not picked up in more than 3 weeks), and of course, our critters (4 rabbits and 3 dogs).

We had decided we will deal with that when the time comes. Maybe, the mayor and his cronies haven't heard, or need to read, the voters' rights again. There will be no retaliation, I'm sure.

The voters here in Jonesboro need to check out the people running for council. I also hope Jonesboro voters will support Mr. Swint and the lovable Aunt Bee (who has not laid one egg since she heard the news she had to move).



Voters have rights, even in Jonesboro

To the editor:

The City of Jonesboro is having its city council election. We are supposed to be able to choose the candidates we want to vote for ourselves, without the current, elected, city officials interfering.

It seems to us, and others in the city, that we are being retaliated and intimidated against for not supporting certain candidates currently in office. We did not put out (or allow others to put out) campaign signs in our yard this year. It did us no good, because we received a visit from a citizen who asked all kinds of questions about our election choices, and then ridiculed our choices.

This person then proceeded to point out all the so-called Code violations at our home. We took this as a threat that if we did not vote a certain way, we would get in trouble for these violations, but if we voted the way this person wanted us to, we would be fine.

As many citizens know, the Swint family received a visit from the Code officer to evict their chickens that they have had for years. There was no citizen complaint about Mr. Swint's chickens. Some of the current elected officials of Jonesboro did this to the Swint family out of retaliation for the Swints' choice of candidates.

Basically, some current elected officials are stepping out of bounds in their tactics to get re-elected. They are using intimidation and retaliation tactics, and this is wrong. People have a right to vote for who they want to vote for.

We encourage all citizens to speak out, if this has happened to them, too. We now have allowed a candidate of our choice to put a sign in our yard. We were planning on not having any political signs in our yard this year, but we will not let the current elected officials, who are using unethical tactics to get re-elected, intimidate us.

My husband said he did not spend two tours of duty in Vietnam and risk his life, to lose his rights at home here in Jonesboro. He is right. We intend to see that our voter rights are protected.