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All voters should check the facts - CLARENCE MANN

All voters should check the facts

To the editor:

In response to Will and Margie Robertson's letters dated Oct. 8, 2009, I would like to say to Mr. Robertson ( his quote: "I didn't pay attention to Jonesboro politics, but no doubt I should have.") I agree whole heartily with you. Before you label people "cronies," perhaps you should get to know them.

Have you talked personally with these candidates? Have you attended any council meetings in the past four (4) years? Did you check and see if the "lady," who visited you, was acting on her own or at the bequest of any candidate? You say you are going to put up signs for the best candidates. How can you do this in a knowledgeable way without first seeing if each candidate's position is for, or against, your personal beliefs?

You want Jonesboro voters to support Mr. Swint and the lovable Aunt Bee. Most voters will act, not on emotions, but on facts. The fact is, Mr. Swint has been in violation, actually breaking the law for years. Just because you are well-liked in the community does not give you special privileges to break the law. If you do not agree with the law, work to change it. But to knowingly disregard the law makes you a lawbreaker. No more, no less.

To Mrs. Robertson.

If I had anyone come to my home with what I assumed were threats or intimidation, especially if they ridiculed my choice of candidates, I would check to see if these threats were real or assumed.

You say there was no citizen complaint about Mr. Swint's chickens. Well, let me enlighten you as to how this came about. One of Mr. Swint's chosen candidates, Billy Powell, stormed into city hall demanding that all city ordinances be enforced by the book. This included the ordinance about chickens.

By the way, no political signs had been erected, but Mr. Powell was apoplectic over a sign he had seen under a candidate's carport. Strange isn't it that Mr. Powell had no problem with his name being on large signs two years ago, when he last ran.

You say "some elected officials" are stepping out of bounds in their tactics to be re-elected. You say they are using intimidation and retaliation tactics and this is wrong. When you make such a statement, I think that the public needs to know who these candidates are and exactly what intimidation and retaliatory tactics are being used, so that we can be well-informed.

I agree with you that people have a right to vote for who they want to vote for. But, I would hope that each and every one will base their vote on facts. Right or wrong! There is no middle ground. Right is right, wrong is wrong.

There are many fibs and outright lies being told in this election, and it hurts all of us here in Jonesboro when that happens. Don't listen to gossip and get caught up in emotional turmoil, that in the end, will only bring regret. Do some searching, wade through the talk and gossip and seek the truth. If everyone does that, you will know right from wrong. All voters will be protected as long as America is strong.