For the good people of Jonesboro - BOBBY WIGGINS

For the good people of Jonesboro

To the editor:

It's voting time again, and I find that this brings out a person's true colors. More importantly, it is a true privilege to be able to vote, but "to vote" does not mean just to cast a ballot. Men and Women (our family members and friends) have fought, and some have died, to give us this privilege.

It is my duty and your duty to get out and vote. Before you vote, you need to do your homework. Please get out and get informed about the candidates. During this time of year, it seems that a lie -- after being repeated or passed along to two or three people -- in some mysterious way, becomes a "Fact." Let me tell you, this does not convert a lie into a Fact! Some of our good people do this on purpose.

From my point of view, a good candidate is the one who does his best to do the best for the City and its Citizens. The wrong candidate is the one who does his best to get what he can for himself or his friends. Hate and Revenge are not why a true Public Official should be running for office.

We, as voters, need to look very hard to see through all the dirt and mud, and vote for the candidate who truly cares for the city and it's people. Please do not just go and cast a vote, because someone told you who to vote for.

Think hard, and vote your heart.