Man shot, killed by Henry police officer

By Jason A. Smith


A Stockbridge man is dead, after he reportedly assaulted a police officer with a hammer, and was shot by the officer.

According to Henry County Police Capt. Jason Bolton, the deceased has been identified as 34-year-old Erik Van Davis.

Bolton said the incident took place shortly after 11 p.m., Sunday, at a mobile home where Davis lived, at 145 Ruth's Circle in Stockbridge.

"A Henry County Police officer was on a traffic stop on Ruth Circle ... when he heard a commotion on an adjacent street, Frances Lane," said Bolton. "Upon completion of the stop, the officer proceeded to Frances Lane in order to determine the source of the shouting. He located the residence in question and made contact with [Davis] at the door of the residence. The subject came out of the residence armed with a hammer, and attacked the officer."

Bolton said Davis struck the officer in the neck with the hammer, moments before the officer fired his duty weapon at the man, killing him. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is currently looking into the case, Bolton said.

Selina Quintero lives near Davis' trailer, and said she was the subject of the traffic stop, that she had been stopped for a tag violation. Quintero, 34, said she heard Davis yelling loudly at officers just before he was shot.

"He was screaming out 'homeland security,'" said Quintero. "Then, he screamed out 'military security.' Then he started screaming out all these different numbers, like an officer would. The police had their highlight beams on [his] trailer, but nobody ever saw him."

Shortly after the shooting, said Quintero, the area around her home was "swamped" with police.

"My whole street was blocked off," she said. "The GBI and everybody was here."

Quintero said Sunday was "not the first time" Davis had experienced problems with authorities.

"A few months ago," she said, "he was walking around the neighborhood, saying he was going to kill people, and screaming 'homeland security.' Police came out then, too, and nobody could find him. Nobody knew that he was living in that trailer."

Davis' brother, Willie Davis, lives in a trailer adjacent to where the shooting occurred. He acknowledged the incident, but did not comment on his brother's death.

A spokesman for the GBI could not be reached Monday. Capt. Bolton said the officer who shot Erik Davis has been placed on paid, administrative leave, as is "standard" in officer-involved shootings, while the GBI investigates the case.