Honorable citizens will see through charade - ROGER GRIDER

Honorable citizens will see through charade

To the editor:

In response to Will and Margie Robertson's letters on Oct. 8, alleging misconduct by the current elected officials of Jonesboro, I have this to say: You allege that "the current elected officials are interfering with the outcome of the city elections." I would say to the Robertsons that there is not a word of truth in any of the things you are saying. This council, with the exception of one member, will always do what is in the best interests of the city. To broadly accuse this entire elected board, without giving specifics and naming those involved, is cowardly and does a great disservice to the people of Jonesboro.

My family has had a friendly relationship with the Robertsons for a number of years. We have always been able to discuss civilly anything that we disagreed on politically. Not anymore. The lies and innuendo that have sprung forth during this campaign are beyond our comprehension.

At no time have the Robertsons communicated with us any of their misgivings. Instead, they have chosen to believe these lies and have chosen to help spread this propaganda. I read a posting on the Clayton Advocate forum that I called and tried to intimidate the Robertsons after reading their letters. I made the call out of friendship, not intimidation. If this is what they are calling intimidation, I truly feel sorry for them. This greatly disappoints me. I expect more from the citizens of Jonesboro. I realize there are a certain few that are willing to believe anything they hear, but I honestly believe that the truly honorable citizens will see through this charade and do what is best for this city.

Currently, we have a fired, ex-police chief and one councilman trying to hijack this council for their personal benefit, but I honestly believe the voting electorate is too smart to allow that to happen.

ROGER GRIDER Councilman Jonesboro