Responding to campaign attacks - BRAD JOHNSON

Responding to campaign attacks

To the editor:

In response to Mr Grider's letter of Oct. 14th, and Mr. Mann's of Oct. 13th, I must say: Mr.Grider and Mr Mann, it is easy to see through the desperation of your "propaganda" and charades.

Hijack the election? How does that work? Will you not be satisfied to the allow the people to vote, and let that settle the election?

Perhaps, you know more about hijacking than I.

As for lies and innuendo, you are indeed highly qualified to speak on these matters. Mr.Grider, you spend all day, everyday, planning and plotting on North Avenue, and have stated to me personally several times that you think about political angles in every thing that you do.

This is exactly what I beleive the people of Jonesboro are tired of.

I will not keep responding to the negative campaign you are running for the "cronies." I do now, only because of your attack on private citizens over the past few days.

I believe that the voters of Jonesboro are entitled to dignified candidates, a dignified election, dignified winners and losers. I will not dignify the comments of some by undiginified reactions.

Let us give the citizens of Jonesboro the dignity they so richly deserve.