Grocer raising funds for cancer-research efforts

By Johnny Jackson


Kroger grocery stores throughout metro Atlanta are hosting fund-raising activities all month, in support of breast-cancer research, according to Kroger officials.

Kroger's Atlanta Division is hosting multiple promotions and community events in October, to benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

The grocery chain is encouraging its customers and associates to purchase $1 pink-ribbon icons, and $2 reusable, pink shopping bags. Kroger also is sponsoring the Race for the Cure, in Macon, on Oct. 24.

Kroger's "Giving Hope a Hand" campaign features a store-wide sales promotion of popular items, many of which will feature exclusive, specially marked yellow packaging, according to Glynn Jenkins, spokesman for Kroger's Atlanta Division.

Jenkins said 2,000 items, including Kellogg's, Kraft, Pepsi, General Mills, Campbell's and Procter & Gamble products, will be marked with special shelf tags to highlight their participation in the benefit.

"By hosting in these multiple programs, Kroger is bringing this issue to the forefront and giving shoppers many opportunities to help fight this disease," Jenkins said. "Our customer support directly helps dedicated organizations like Susan G. Komen for the Cure find a cure for breast cancer."

This weekend, Henry County's Woodland High School Wolfpack cross country and track team will lend a hand at the Kroger store at 101 Fairview Road in Ellenwood.

Kroger is putting together a fall festival Saturday, said Beth Glynn, president of the Woodland Runners Booster Club. She said the 28 members of the cross country and track team will serve as volunteers by providing games and booths, and handing out prizes.

Kroger has also launched a new web site, www.sharingcourage.com, through which Kroger associates who have survived breast cancer tell their stories and offer encouragement to others with the disease.

The web site includes the stories of two Georgia Kroger associates, Connie Haygood and Sandy Hamilton. Their stories also can be found on Pepsi containers and Kellogg's Eggo Waffles boxes.

"I learned that family is very important and will always be beside you to give you strength when you need it the most, but I also found that I have a lot more strength than I thought I did," said Haygood, who works at Kroger in Calhoun, Ga.

Hamilton, who works at a Kroger in Richmond Hills, Ga., said she felt defeated before she decided to fight her breast cancer.

"At first you are devastated and stunned, even in denial," Hamilton said. "Then you fight with everything you've got and say this is not going to get me down, this is not going to get me."