'Business2Business' bowling tournament this Friday

By Joel Hall


Pin Strikes Entertainment Center in Stockbridge will host the county's third annual "Business2Business" Bowling Tournament this Friday.

The event, an annual happening hosted by State Rep. Mike Glanton (D-Ellenwood) and Clayton County Tax Commissioner Terry Baskin, will give area leaders, business people, and average folks, alike, a chance to knock down some pins and raise money for local non-profit organizations. It will be held from 6 p.m., to 9 p.m.

Glanton, an avid bowler, said the "primary objective" of the tournament is to "bring the community together." He said he chose to host a bowling tournament three years ago, because of the sport's universal appeal.

"One of the reasons I have a bowling tournament is because I can't golf," Glanton joked. "The original idea, which remains the same, is that it is a chance to bring the business community together with the general public for a night of family fun. It [the sport of bowling] is an equalizer. For those who aren't professional bowlers, it gives us a chance to laugh at ourselves."

As of Wednesday, 22, five-person teams had signed up for the tournament, according to Glanton. He said that a maximum of 28 teams are allowed to play, and that teams can register on the day of the tournament. Glanton said that last year, more than 400 people came to Pin Strikes, either to bowl or to support the tournament.

Baskin, who has helped organize the tournament for two years, said it has created friendly rivalries. "You have an abundance of challenges [between teams ] out there," he said. "Last year, we had part of the Democratic Party versus part of the Republican Party and we had members of the Sheriff's Department and members of the police challenge each other. A lot of people are enthusiastic about it.

"Bowling brings everybody to the game," he said. "Whether you are a pro, or a first-time bowler, you fit right in. You're there just to enjoy the ambiance."

During the event, the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce will host a silent auction to benefit the group's Women in Business Mentoring Council. Proceeds from the event will benefit: The Price Dance and Performing Arts Company, a local dance studio aimed at introducing children to the arts; Better Babies Ministries, an organization focused on educating young mothers and giving them better access to prenatal care; and the National Museum of Commercial Aviation in Forest Park.

Grant Wainscott, executive director of the National Museum of Commercial Aviation, said that at the tournament, the museum will unveil its new educational, touch-screen kiosk, purchased with the support of funds raised by the tournament.

"It [the kiosk] is going to be in our research library, and it will allow people to access historical footage from the airlines, particularly vintage airline commercials, radio jingles, and printed advertising," Wainscott said. "A lot of people want to know what a United Airlines add from the sixties looked like. You'll be able to pull that up on the kiosk and look by decade or airline.

"I think what Representative Glanton and Tax Commissioner Baskin have put together is a great example of something fun that is doing something good," Wainscott added. "We are just one of several nonprofits benefiting from this."

Pin Strikes is located at 3478 Mt. Zion Road in Stockbridge. Registration for the bowling tournament is $300 per five-person team. Teams must consist of three males and two females, or three females and two males, and participants must be 21 years of age. Donations will be accepted, at the tournament, for the non-profit organizations participating.

For more information, call (678) 479-7730, or (770) 477-3311, or e-mail glantonm@bellsouth.net,or terry.baskin@co.clayton.ga.us.