Hometown girl speaks up for her dad

To the editor:

My name is Cherrelyn Mann Robinson, and I am the daughter of Councilman Clarence Mann. I am a hometown girl from Jonesboro. I went to school, first through twelfth grades, here. I currently own a home in Jonesboro.

I was at the recent debate that was hosted by the Clayton County Wide Homeowners Association and was appalled at the turnout ... The debate was scheduled with all to attend, and the only ones in attendance were Clarence Mann, Rick Yonce, and Pat Sebo. The other candidates did not even show the common courtesy to call to say they would not be able to attend. Is this the kind of people you want to represent you?

... I am sick to my stomach at the vicious lies that are being said about my dad. My family walked to save the volunteer fire department. My oldest daughter walked nine months pregnant for change in our city we love. We fought with everything we had to support JFD. I am a proud member of the Jonesboro Pride. I have been to many meetings, concerts and events that the city hosts. My daughter, Devy, sings at the monthly community dinners that are hosted at the Jonesboro Museum. These other candidates have boycotted this community activity that has been established to bring this city together.

I remember when Dad was asked to run for his seat in the election, so that Jonesboro would have a voice for the people. No one else would step up to the plate. He did it, and why? Because the people needed him ... Throughout the last couple of years, some of you were like family. We are hurt to no end to see these same people who went to him asking him to run for election, turn against him in the most outrageous way over the firing of Brad Johnson. These people have made idle threats in seeking revenge, by telling lies to turn the voters against him ...

In answer to a recent letter to the editor about a tape with my dad stating, "Let Them Have It ..." I was at this council meeting. It was a room filled with a few Brad Johnson supporters and the majority of his entire family. They were booing and heckling and my dad was not given the respect to explain his decision. You all left before the meeting was adjourned, shouting, "Wait until November's election. 'You are out of here' and my dad said, 'Let them have it.'" in other words, if the people of Jonesboro do not think he is doing an honest and fair job for this city, by all means, yes, let them have it ...

My father taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to do. He has more dignity and honor than anyone I have ever known, but above all, he cares about people. He would do anything for anybody ...

I have no idea why people are choosing to be so vicious, but I can promise you this. They do not know the true depth of my father's heart. My daddy is a leader; he is not a follower. In our family, he is the comforter, the stronghold and the one whom I will always admire for his accomplishments. How dare you portray him otherwise.

One thing he is not is a quitter, and let me say this, whether he wins this next election or not, the man I know will fight until the very end. He will hold his head high as he has taught his children to always do. He truly cares about the people and the City of Jonesboro and I know that many in the city feel the same way about him.