Man leads police to suspected assailant

From Staff Reports

A Rex man helped lead authorities to one of the men suspected of attacking him in an apartment complex parking lot, and stealing stereo equipment from his vehicle, police said.

Woodrow Johnson, 30, of Rex, was reportedly robbed while he was waiting in his Oldsmobile Cutlass Thursday night to pick up his girlfriend at an apartment complex in the 7000 block of Tara Boulevard, in Jonesboro, according to a Clayton County Police report. Johnson told police he was approached by two black males with dreadlocks, one wearing a white T-shirt and one wearing a white tank top.

He said the man in the T-shirt asked him, "What you want?" and hit him in the head with a black, semi-automatic pistol. Johnson told police the man in the tank top also hit him after pulling him from the vehicle.

Police wrote in the report that when Johnson flagged them down along Tara Boulevard, he was bleeding from the left side of his head.

Johnson told police that before he escaped his alleged attackers, he saw the men run into one of the apartments in the complex.

When police knocked on the door, they said Kimberly Ann Taylor, 21, answered, and told them no one else was in the apartment. After a search, however, Johnny Q. Humphrey, 27, wearing a white tank top, was found under the covers in her bed, according to the police report. Police said they also found a faceplate from Johnson's car stereo near the door to the apartment, and more of his stereo equipment in a closet.

Police said Johnson identified Humphrey as one of the men who attacked him.

During questioning, police said Humphrey told them he and another man known as "Smoke" were walking home from a store when he saw "Smoke" go to the driver's side door of Johnson's vehicle and hit him. Humphrey told police he got scared, and ran home. According to the report, Humphrey told police that "Smoke" came to his door a few minutes later and asked to use the restroom. Humphrey told police he asked "Smoke" to lock up when he left, then went to bed. He told police he did not know "Smoke's" real name.

Police said Humphrey denied any knowledge of the stereo equipment, and suggested "Smoke" left it behind.

Both Humphrey and Taylor were arrested. Police said Humphrey was charged with armed robbery, entering an auto and gang activity. According to the report, he told police he joined the Bloods gang while previously incarcerated.

Taylor was charged with obstruction and theft by receiving.