2010 calendar displays
student art

By Linda Looney-Bond


The artwork of 13 Clayton County elementary school students - with the theme, "A Clean Community"- is featured in the 2010 Keep Clayton County Beautiful, Inc., calendar.

The calendar is published in partnership with the school system, according to Edie Yongue, director of the organization. "This is the third year that we've done this," said Yongue. "Several years ago, I had gotten my hands on a calendar from the Georgia Recycling Coalition, and the pictures were done by students.

"Then, they had recycling tidbits throughout the calendar, so I presented it to the board [the Keep Clayton County Beautiful board]. They just took off with the thing, and said Clayton County needs to have a calendar," she said.

In the 2010 Clayton County calendar, each month displays a picture drawn by a Clayton elementary school student, as well as a recycling tip. An additional drawing appears on the cover. "The top winner is on the cover," Yongue said.

The drawings were selected from among 40 entries that were submitted by students from art classes at 15 elementary schools, according to Yongue. The deadline for the entries was in April, she said.

KCCB Calendar Committee members, Edith Walston, a retired school teacher, and George Jeburk, a retired school principal, judged the entries, Yongue said.

Approximately 3,600 calendars were printed, according to Yongue. "The school system has been wonderful, they print all of these calendars [free of charge]. That's a wonderful in-kind, so the partnership works well."

Yongue said approximately 100 of the free calendars will be distributed to each of the school system's elementary schools.

The following students' drawings appear in the calendar:

· Michael McPherson, 5th Grade, Mt. Zion Elementary (Cover).

· Kiya Garmon, 2nd Grade, Unidos Dual Language Charter School.

· Enrique Love, 4th Grade, Kilpatrick Elementary.

· Kye Dowdell, 4th Grade, East Clayton Elementary.

· Dao Nguyen, 5th Grade, Mt. Zion Elementary.

· Shayla Phipps, 4th Grade, Kilpatrick Elementary.

· Elonzo Davis, 5th Grade, River's Edge Elementary.

· Aurora Gabriel, 4th Grade, Kilpatrick Elementary.

· Melissa Martinez, Kindergarten, McGarrah Elementary.

· Tuan Bui, 3rd Grade, McGarrah Elementary.

· Kassidy Hill, 5th Grade, Huie Elementary.

· Jacquetta Brown, 4th Grade, Kilpatrick Elementary.

· Ibrahim Williams, 5th Grade, River's Edge Elementary.