Two Rex Mill teachers cited for 'disorderly conduct'

By Curt Yeomans


Two female teachers at Rex Mill Middle School are on paid administrative leave after they allegedly "fought" -- in front of students -- over a male teacher with whom both women are said to be romantically involved.

A Clayton County Schools spokesman confirmed the situation on Thursday.

According to a Clayton County Police report, one of the female teachers, Chaka Cobb, who is reportedly expecting a child with the male teacher, Derek Green, discovered a note from the other female teacher, Ebony Smith, on Green's Facebook page on Sunday.

Police said the letter led to a profanity-laden, verbal argument, and alleged physical altercation on Monday - first in the school's eighth-grade hallway, and then in a classroom full of students.

"They are on administrative leave with pay," said Clayton County Schools Spokesman Charles White. "We are investigating the matter, and we will take whatever appropriate actions are necessary, pending the outcome of the investigation."

On Sunday, Cobb found a note Smith, the school's Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, allegedly sent Green through Facebook. In the note, Smith allegedly expressed her jealously of Cobb, and said she loved Green, and wanted to become more than his "every Blue Moon [expletive deleted]," according to the police report.

Cobb told police she responded to Smith's alleged love note with a "tumultuous" note of her own Sunday night. Cobb, a language arts teacher, identifies herself as Rex Mill's Teacher of the Year for the 2007-2008 school year on her school system web page.

According to the police report, Cobb said Smith allegedly approached her the morning after the Facebook message to Green was discovered, and told her to "never do that again." The incident at the school occurred at 8:30 a.m., on Monday, police reported.

Smith told police, however, that she told Cobb, "Lets not do this," so the "weekend drama" would not spill over into the school day.

At this point, another teacher intervened, and pulled Cobb into her classroom filled with students. The teacher who intervened told police that Cobb used profanity in front of the students while announcing that Smith was allegedly sleeping with Green.

Several accounts in the police report, from Cobb and Smith, and one male student witness, allege that Smith swung at Cobb during this portion of the altercation, but the accounts differ as to whether Smith hit Cobb.

Cobb told police that Smith allegedly told the teacher who pulled Cobb out of the hallway, that Cobb was "feeling froggy, let's jump," and then, allegedly began swinging her arms at Cobb, allegedly hitting her fellow educator on the left shoulder.

Smith, however, asserted to police that she simply "swatted" at Cobb, "but did not hit her," according to the police report.

The male student told police he only saw Smith try to swing at Cobb, according to the police report.

Several Rex Mill students and teachers, including Cobb and Smith, told police the women were openly cursing at each other, and calling each other an expletive that is also a term for a female dog. The male student told police he overheard Smith tell Cobb, "[Expletive], you don't want none of this" during the altercation.

The student also told police that, when other teachers tried to hold Smith back from attacking Cobb, he heard Smith tell her fellow educators, "Get the [expletive deleted] off me."

In the police report, the school resource officer at Rex Mill said the women were both cited for disorderly conduct, not only for fighting, but because their altercation took place in front of students.

"The offenders were given a citation, and released on their own recognizance," the police report states.