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Macon resident brings wireless business to Stockbridge

By Johnny Jackson

Check it out: How 'Catalina' coupons help you save

If you've shopped for groceries at a large supermarket, you've undoubtedly noticed the long "string" of coupons that print out at the register along with your store receipt. These checkout coupons, or "Catalinas," as coupon shoppers commonly call them, are incredibly valuable to coupon shoppers. (Catalina Marketing Corp., introduced the computer system that issues checkout coupons about 25 years ago, although the company says it's not sure how or why shoppers picked up on the name.)

CSU students told importance of census participation

By Curt Yeomans

Health expo set for International Park

By Joel Hall

Police officer, 4 others hurt in car wreck

By Linda Looney-Bond

Brewer opens Spivey Hall's concert series

By Joel Hall

SACS review team starts visit Thursday

By Curt Yeomans

Datebook - October 7, 2009

Today-Oct. 30

'Stay fire smart! Don't get burned,' officials urge

By Jason A. Smith

Obituaries - October 7, 2009

Karen Elaine Kirby

Clayton County bans most highway solicitation

By Joel Hall

Experts: Energy costs to decline this winter

By Johnny Jackson

October 7, 2009

Note mental illness awareness week

Football team's faith under attack - Jason Smith

Every now and then, I hear a story on the news that just makes me throw my hands up in frustration.

The patience of a saint - Denese Rodgers

We drove down to St. Augustine for our first visit last weekend. It is rather touristy and pretty, kind of a Charleston-meets-Athens feel to the place.

Maj. Larry Cowper watches over airport passengers

By Maria José Subiria