Georgia Power to host Living Zero Home

By Johnny Jackson


Georgia Power will play host to the Living Zero Home Tour, beginning Friday at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

The tour, according to Georgia Power Spokeswoman Carol Boatright, will feature Energy STAR products showcased inside an eco-friendly home.

The tour is nationally sponsored by All American Homes, General Electric and Planet Green, but Georgia Power will sponsor the tour locally, during its visit to Georgia, Boatright said.

She said metro Atlanta will be the seventh stop on the 16-city nationwide tour of the home, a 500-square-foot energy-efficient residence.

Tour organizers expect to open the house to the public Friday through Sunday.

"This is the only time it's going to be in Georgia," Boatright said. "We do support energy efficiency and energy conservation. It's a great way for people to see these technologies in real-life use."

Boatright said visitors will be able to speak with experts from the U.S. Department of Energy and Georgia Power, about energy-efficient products and state-of-the-art technologies. "We're going to be giving out information about ways customers can save energy," said Boatright. "Our messages are the same - we support energy conservation."

The home, which includes all energy-efficient Energy STAR appliances, was specially built for the nationwide tour, according to Lani McRay, an Energy STAR spokeswoman.

"We really wanted people to have an experience, where they'd feel like they were in a house," McRay said. "We tried to adhere to as many high-performance building science principles as we could."

The Living Zero Home, she continued, has provided visitors with hands-on demonstrations of energy-efficient lights, insulation, windows, appliances, and other practical home furnishings.

"It's to show how everything works together," McRay added. "If you change your lights out to more energy-efficient lighting, your house will become cooler, which will mean you don't have to use your air conditioner as much."

She said the tour has been successful, so far, in informing people of energy-efficient household alternatives.

"It's real hands-on stuff," she said. "We go to the store and we see a line of dishwashers, but it's rare when you go to one place and you see it all put together."

The home will be on display throughout the day, Friday through Sunday, at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, at 1500 Tara Place in Hampton, near entrance gate 14.