Are you living life to the fullest? - James C. Bell

Are you living life to the fullest?

I think most people, when asked this question, would probably think for a moment and then answer- "No, I could live a better life if: I had the money to buy more of the finer things of life; or, I had a large, beautiful home; or, I could travel wherever I wanted to, and in the style I desired; or, I could buy the finest clothes I wanted; or, I could have beautiful jewelry [etc., etc., etc.]"

True, this is one way of answering such an important question. However, I believe many people would answer differently after giving it more thought.

We all want the finer things in life in a material sense, but would these things enable us to live life to the fullest? Material things can be very cold and impersonal. They don't provide understanding or sympathy or love for us as we experience the ups and downs of life.

In reality, only our loved ones and close friends can provide the loving care and comfort we need when the important things of life turn dark and so discouraging.

Then, what we have -- our things, our stuff -- don't matter so much, and we find comfort, love and peace only in our relationships with God and our loved ones.

My God-given ministry at the Atlanta Airport provides the privilege of talking with many of our fine soldiers, our heroes.

I met one young man there last week, who particularly impressed me, and challenged my mind. He was a clean-cut, nice-looking man, very friendly and with a great attitude.

As I talked with him, I thanked him for his service to our country and his sacrifice to protect our way of life. I told him God loved him and wanted to have a relationship with him.

He said, "I'm not a religious person." I told him he had obviously developed his physical body and educated his mind, but may have neglected a third of his life.

He said, "How is that?" I said, "You have not developed spiritually. Perhaps, the most important part of your being!

"Man is wonderfully made by God in His image-we are Spiritual beings," I said. "We cannot live life to the fullest without God."

He listened politely to what I had to say, but said he would have to think more about this possible relationship with God. I prayed with him asking God to bless his life and keep him safe. Then, he walked away.

Too many people today are caught up in the pursuit of getting the material things of life and are neglecting the spiritual part of their life. This is unfortunate, for the best part of our lives can be found in the spiritual realm, in relationship with God.

He loves us, even though we don't know Him. He knows all about us and wants to bless our lives. He wants to show us how to live in a way that gives us joy and love and peace.

First, we must honor Him with our belief and trust in Him and in His Son Jesus Christ. As we read and study His Word, the Holy Bible, He will teach us His ways and lead us in pathways of righteousness. We will learn to love each other and live our lives to the fullest as we serve our God.

The most important things in this life are not the material things we have, although they do provide us with comfort. In my experience, the love of God and of my family and friends, and my love for them, is most important.

Loyalty, trust and integrity mean more to me than material things. Knowing I am loved and appreciated is of great value and is most comforting. Truly, we can live life to the fullest through our faith in God.

It is my prayer that all may realize this and put their trust in Jesus Christ. I pray you will.