Pets of the Week - Sept. 17, 2009

Roz is a 4 year old Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix. This little sweetie was found running down a very busy local road. Certain that someone would come to claim such a sweet girl, Roz was held for awhile before offering her for adoption. Sadly, no one came forward to take her home. Since coming to the shelter, she has proven to be a wonderful dog, with a great personality. She has played well with other dogs at the shelter. She is spayed and fully vaccinated. Anyone interested in Roz should call Clayton County Humane Society at 770/471-9436. Visit www.claytoncountyhumane.org to see other animals available for adoption.

On March 27, 2007 CCHS received a call from Animal Control, asking for help with a cat who had gone into labor. The poor mommy was quickly rescued from Animal Control, and transported to the CCHS shelter. She quickly graced us with a gorgeous litter of kittens, and Prince was one of those babies. Poor Prince was born at the shelter and has spent every single day of his life at the CCHS facility. Most cats with such a background usually adjust very well to having so many other animals around them, but Prince has never been comfortable with so many other animals. He is normally shy, quiet and somewhat withdrawn. But when he has been taken out the shelter (such as vet visits) he becomes a totally different cat. He becomes affectionate, outgoing, and even purrs. Prince seems to need a calm, quiet environment which is not possible at the shelter. He tolerates one or two other cats with no problem; so being an "only cat" is not necessary, but he doesn't need to be exposed to large numbers of cats at one time. For adoption information, please call Robin at 770/478-7531. Visit www.claytoncountyhumane.org to see other animals available for adoption.