America's golden years, or most evil times? - James C. Bell

In my 75 years, I have seen many changes in America, and in the lives of her people. Actually, one could make the case to support both her golden years -- her times of plenty -- and her times of poverty and evil.

I was born during the Great Depression, and I knew and experienced all too much poverty. I recall going to downtown Atlanta with my father and seeing people standing in line to get free food. We were probably standing in one of those lines!

I remember seeing poorly dressed men standing on street corners and in doorways of closed buildings trying to sell a few apples, or herbs to earn some money to buy food and shelter for their families.

I remember hearing my mother laugh and say, "The Lord must have loved the poor people because He made so many of us!" (Quoting Humorist Will Rogers). Jesus said -"The poor you will always have with you." Through the years, America's free enterprise system provided jobs, and a prosperous middle class supported great gains in our standard of living, ushering in the golden years of our society: times of plenty, opportunities for education and self-improvement, allowing one to enjoy life greatly.

I am sorry to say the evil in America grew right along with our prosperity. Since Adam, the first man, sinned, all men have been evil. There is a spiritual war going on between good and evil, between our great God and the Devil.

The battlefield is the world and the prize is the mind of man. The evil mind is open to the temptations of the Devil, who leads it into the most despicable sins of man. In our lifetime, crime has grown dramatically, our jails are overloaded and even more criminals are free in our society. Murder is an every day occurrence in most of our large cities, the most numerable by the legal practice of abortion.

Our Federal Judges, empowered by our government, have, and continue to remove, God's moral law and practice from our public places, particularly from our schools. These include the Ten Commandments, ( the basis of moral law); prayer in the schools and at the schools' sports and other activities; the teaching of evolution, but not the Bible-God's Holy Word (And we still call our Nation Christian?).

The Family (the basic and essential learning ground for our children) is constantly under attack by things and circumstances that would destroy it: divorce, same sex marriage, drugs, alcohol, insecurity and too little love.

Does any clear-thinking American not know why we have such rampant immorality in our country and government? Many of our children do not have the morals of older Americans because they have not been taught in their homes, or in our schools, how they should act and treat others.

They think little of stealing, or even taking another's life. The most important thing in life is getting what they want and satisfying themselves! Shame on us for neglecting our duty to live by the teachings of the Bible, and for not teaching our children how to live Christian lives as well.

There is no doubt in my mind as to how to correct the problems we have today. We must have a great revival in our nation, returning to God and away from Satan.

God has the power and desire to forgive our sins, if we will be obedient. We are all sinners in need of repentance. We must admit our sin, believe in God through Jesus Christ, and ask for His forgiveness.

We, who are Christians, must seek to share our faith with others, to assure them of God's love for them and His willingness to forgive their sins. Then, we should lead them in prayer, asking for God's forgiveness.

I pray you will.