Praise for Maj. Jessup's leadership

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Maj. (now Interim Chief) Tim Jessup for the superb job he has done at the Jonesboro Police Department.

Maj. Jessup had to assume control of the police department after the dismissal of the previous chief. While not having an extended amount of training as the second-in-command, he stepped up to the plate, and has performed admirably.

Maj. Jessup has initiated a reorganization of the Jonesboro Police Department that has reduced the overall police budget, while putting more uniformed officers on patrol in neighborhoods.

This is an accomplishment that the citizens should be proud of. Previously, the city had two lieutenants manning desks inside the police department, only answering the phone. Maj. Jessup now has these officers on the street, patrolling and responding to 911 calls.

The move also eliminated some non-officer positions inside the department. This has resulted in more police presence in neighborhoods and greater protection for the citizens, with a reduction in the department's budget.

This is what working together for the good of the city is all about. This is good management, and Maj. Jessup should be commended.


Jonesboro City Council