To the editor:

Private insurance is geared not to help people, but to get more money from individuals, groups, students, and the elderly.

What it offers on the surface looks like a wonderful plan, but once you become sick or need a test, your doctor must wait, as a request is sent through said private insurance company, and business men and woman decide if this is acceptable.

Private insurance restricts what a doctor can do. And what people do not take into account is that your doctor spends more time going through the paperwork of what he can and cannot do. When he gets to you, the patent, many times, there is very little he is allowed to do.

I am sure that the American people are aware that many bankruptcies are caused by illness and bills. Even though the people have "private insurance," it was the gaps in their coverage, co-payments, uncovered services and deductibles that led them to losing their homes, jobs, and in the end, private health insurance.

I was born with an illness, a pre-existing disease. Guess who will not get near me? My parents worked and had private health insurance, but it would do nothing for me in the end. I call these private insurance "doctors" desk-jockey, keyboard-graduates with a Ph.D.

They have never been to medical school, yet it will be them who decide if you get the treatment you need, and if the insurance company will cover it. As a Georgian, I could turn to my state, so as not to have to seek federal help and aid. Except, I believe I might find getting to speak with JFK about what really happened in Dallas easier.

So, who do people turn to, when their state will not provide for them? When they know that Medicare and Medicaid is being taxed past their limits? In the end, I would be one more adding to that limit.

It's been a long time since America could claim being illiterate, yet in this day and age, people rely on others to feed them a version of the truth. Back in the early 1970's, the news was unbiased; you knew you would get the truth. Walter Cronkite shared his emotions just once! Now, though, if you get the true "news" you're lucky. I hear and read more personal thoughts and very little facts and truth.

I wonder how many have "really" researched the truth of a public-option health-care plan. And how many have just heard the words "Socialist, Communist" and just locked on that? I wonder how many people know that Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid come from people born and taught in Socialist countries? And these are wonderful systems that people have told Government to keep its hands off of.

Change can be scary when you are being blindsided by a large group of people who fear losing control. But when the change comes at the expense of human lives? Does working it out in your head that you will have to carry a person for a bit, make it easier to say, "no," and turn away? What is that Christian saying? "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you." How is one to learn when they are being treated like they are worthless?

I think the American people need to remember all the tragic lives lost to private insurance, because it refused to help them. Not so long ago, we, the American people, were outraged by the actions of private insurers and their audacious assumptions that they could play doctor without a medical degree.

Convenient memory loss can be dangerous when innocent lives are at stake. So far, the only people who speak out loudly against positive change are those who do not want America to have anything that helps its people help one another. They are so afraid the help might come out of their pockets.

What a great country this is. How others must look up to us and yearn to become part of this "Great Nation" of "We the People, For the People, By the People."


Locust Grove