Henry hospital veteran named to new position

By Jason A. Smith


The director of Henry Medical Center's Medical Surgical and Critical Care units said she hopes to use her knowledge and experience to help get family members more involved in their loved ones' care.

Sandi Scalise, 59, who was recently appointed to oversee the two units, said she has worked in the medical field for 13 years. She came to Henry Medical Center 10 years ago, as the nurse manager of the hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and has also worked as an administrative supervisor at the facility.

Scalise's previous experience also includes serving as a clinical instructor in medical-surgical care at Clayton State University. She said Henry Medical Center's leadership approached her earlier this year, and asked her to assume her new role with the hospital.

"This particular position had been vacant for over a year," said Scalise. "That was a choice the administration had made, and they decided this year to fill the position based on the necessity for management at that level."

Scalise said she hopes her approach to overseeing her units will benefit patients at the hospital.

"I've worked in women's health for 10 years, and our goal was to provide the best patient care possible, provide a good working environment for our staff, and continue to develop relationships with our physicians," she said. "We have been very successful ... in meeting those objectives. My goal is to take those same concepts to the medical-surgical and critical-care areas."

Scalise said she wants to incorporate elements of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit's "patient-centered care" concept into the units she now runs. According to her, doing so will help to give the hospital staff a "different outlook on what's important" regarding patient care.

She said involving patients' family members in the treatment process can help speed healing.

"When a patient's family is involved in decisions for care, [patients] feel more in control about the disease they have, and they recover more quickly," she said.

Scalise said she has an associate degree and a bachelor's degree from Clayton State University. According to a statement issued by the hospital, she is currently a member of the Georgia Organization for Nurse Executives.

Scalise lives in Fayetteville with her husband, Ralph. She has three daughters, and eight grandchildren.