Hampton man charged in alleged TV theft

By Jason A. Smith


Christi Langford, of Hampton, said she feels "very violated," after a neighbor allegedly broke into her home.

"I feel like I need to move," said Langford, 50. "I don't feel safe. I'm more aware, and I'm scared to leave my house."

The suspect in the case, 28-year-old David Christopher Trammell of Hampton, is charged with burglary. He was being held in the Henry County Jail on $35,000 bond.

Trammell appeared in Henry County Magistrate Court Thursday before Judge Martin Jones. He was represented by the Public Defender's Office. He waived his right to a preliminary hearing in the case. Jones bound Trammell's burglary charge over to Henry County Superior Court.

The break-in allegedly occurred Wednesday at Langford's home on Jay Lane, according to Hampton Police Detective Art Sparks. He said Langford called authorities at approximately 4:30 p.m., to report that someone had stolen two televisions, a DVD player and an MP3 player from her home while she was gone.

"The homeowner returned home, and discovered her back door had been forced open," said Sparks.

The detective added that a television had been delivered to the alleged victim's home Tuesday, and was among the missing items.

"As we were processing the scene, someone -- we don't know who -- called the 911 center, and tells them there's a larger white man and a black woman walking around, trying to sell a large plasma, flat-screen TV, which is what we were missing," Sparks said. "As we were trying to find out who called 911, I asked the victim, 'Were any of your neighbors out last night when the TV was delivered?' She said yes."

Sparks said he asked the alleged victim about the pair described by the 911 caller.

Sparks said he then walked to the suspect's house to question him.

"I asked Mr. Trammell, 'Do you have any stolen TVs in your house?'" said Sparks. "He said no. I said, 'Do you mind if I search your house for any stolen TVs?' He said no. I started to take a step off, and he said, 'Can I just go ahead and tell you they're in the bedroom?'"

Sparks said Trammell admitted to using a "pry bar and gloves" to break into Langford's home.

"He said he made several trips between the victim's house and his house," said Sparks. "He was going to sell the stuff for money. He confessed that he was walking around trying to find somebody to sell the TV to, and we assume that somebody he asked ... called 911 and reported it. But we have no idea who reported it at this point."

The woman reportedly with Trammell has not been charged. Sparks said the suspect "took complete blame" for the alleged burglary.

Wednesday was reportedly not the first time Trammell has had trouble with the law. According to the detective, he has a criminal history in multiple states.

"This is the first time we've had any kind of dealings with him at all," Sparks said. "We didn't even know he lived over there. We've had no run-ins with him whatsoever."

Sparks said each of the items reportedly taken from Langford's home was recovered by police.