Christina Rogers assists in published study

Gordon College Associate Professor of Biology Mark Brinkman and a former student of his, Christina Rogers, were published in the January edition of the Journal of Entomological Science. This was a first for a student/professor team at Gordon College.

Their work was titled, "Bait Preferences of Ground Dwelling Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Central Georgia." The research for the paper was done while Rogers was a student in Brinkman's Special Research Topics course. Brinkman showed Rogers how to do the sampling on the walking track on campus, and she also did sampling on her own at Dauset Trails Nature Center in Jackson.

Rogers, who is from Monticello, also works as a naturalist at Dauset Trails. She will continue her work there after earning her degree in Early Childhood Education from Gordon in May.

Brinkman said that not every item submitted to the Journal of Entomological Science is accepted.

"Items presented for publication are peer reviewed by other scientists before they are published," Brinkman said.

"I found the work fascinating," said Rogers as she searched the ground near the school's Instructional Complex for an Argentine ant. "I love insects, animals and nature. That's why I love my job at Dauset Trails."