First Baptist Church makes a moving statement for Easter

Photo by Rebecca Long

Photo by Rebecca Long

By Beverly Harris-Walker


Dr. Joe Bufford, Pastor of First Baptist Church, located on Highway 16, in Jackson made a challenge to his congregation three weeks ago to reenact the crucifixion of Jesus on the front lawn of the Church for passersby to see, in honor of this year's Easter celebration.

"This brings me to tears," said one woman who had stopped to see the reenactment. "When you see what Jesus has done for our sins it makes it feel even more real than reading about it from the Bible."

The reenactment took a total of 30 volunteers in three hours shifts to make it a success.

Members began their portrayal at 6 a.m. on Good Friday. At 6 p.m. "Jesus" was laid to rest in the tomb and guarded until Sunday morning at which time Sunrise service was held.

The event triggered people to turn out in record numbers for Sunday service. First Baptist Church, which seats 450 people, was standing room only on Easter morning, even after extra seats were added to accommodate guests.

"I was amazed at the response we got by the people passing by," said Ralph Watson, who portrayed one of the Guards in the reenactment.