Photo by Heather Middleton

Photo by Heather Middleton

There is a show going on right now at the William H. Reynolds Memorial Nature Preserve in Morrow.

Patrons, who walk along the trails, can see azaleas beginning to bloom.

Bright colors, ranging from white, to pink, to salmon, to orange and yellow, began blooming last week, according to Reynolds' ranger, John Williams. Thursday, he said red azaleas were on the cusp of blooming, as well.

"Things are looking awesome right now," Williams said. "This is the best bloom we've had in a while, because we finally got normal amounts of rainfall, for the first time in the last few years."

Williams said the azaleas have long been a mainstay on the preserve, having been planted by former Clayton County Judge William H. Reynolds, before he donated the land to the county government in the 1970's.

The preserve is located at 5665 Reynolds Road, in Morrow.

-- Curt Yeomans