The second annual Community Seed & Plant Swap & Sale will be held on Saturday, April 17, from 9 am until 2 pm, in the large oak-shaded side yard of Jackson Presbyterian Church, 240 North Oak Street, in Jackson.

Over 30 local vendors will offer 48 varieties of heirloom tomato plants; several types of pepper plants; heritage seeds, including okra, corn, gourds, and beans; passalong shrubs and perennials; honey, pecans, strawberries, fertilizers, gourds and many other food and gardening related items for sale or for barter. Exhibits and conversations on canning and drying fruits and vegetables will be held throughout the day. Handouts, brochures, and informational tracts will be available to those who want to learn more about growing and/or preserving their own food. Our purpose is to promote the joy of gardening and the availability of local produce, as well as the preservation of heirloom and heritage seeds and plants, and family farms and gardens in the central Georgia area. A few local crafts, from birdhouses to custom designed fishing rods, will be for sale, as well.

There is no vendor fee and the event is free to all. If you want more information, directions, or wish to participate as a vendor, please e-mail or or call 770-757-2806.