Selina Mayfield chosen for Washington University program

Photo by Rebecca Long

Photo by Rebecca Long

By Diane Glidewell


After scoring well on the PSAT, a national college aptitude test which is administered to all sophomore students at Jackson High School, Selina Mayfield received a brochure in the mail from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri telling her about an academic summer program for rising high school juniors or seniors. She found the program interesting and decided to apply.

Recently she learned that she not only has been accepted to the five week program this summer but has also been awarded a $4,000 scholarship to attend. Selina does not know anyone else who will be at Washington University or even anyone else in Missouri, but she is ready for the adventure and the opportunity to earn up to seven college credits.

"I like the challenge," said Selina, who is a junior at Jackson High School, "It will be my first time to fly by myself, but I love planes. It's cool! It gets me out of a shy stage, gets me talking to people."

She plans to take courses at Washington University in chemistry and math, in accordance with her career plans to become a forensic science technician. She will be living in the college dormitory while she is at the summer program from July 18 until August 20.

To apply for the 2010 High School Summer Scholars Program, Selina submitted her high school transcript, recommendations from her science and math teachers, and her PSAT scores. To be eligible to apply, a student must have an academic average of B plus or better and a combined PSAT score of 180 or SAT score of 1800 or an ACT score of at least 25. The program's objective is for academically talented students to try out college, earn college credit, and experience living and bonding with fellow students from around the country and the world.