Morrow reveals plans for magazine, 'Fashionatta'

A new annual magazine featuring the highlights of Morrow, and a charity, fashion show in the tradition of the annual "Fashionatta" that was once held at the former Rich's department store, are among a few of the plans the City of Morrow expects to roll out later this year.

On Monday afternoon, the Morrow Business and Tourism Association (MBTA) held its Quarterly meeting at the Morrow Center. During the meeting, President and Executive Director Mike Twomey shared information about the association's latest projects with the general public.

According to Twomey, the MBTA has been working tirelessly this year to promote Olde Towne Morrow and the Morrow Center — two economic ventures started by the city within the last year. One of the ways the city hopes to promote those, and other amenities of the city, is Morrow Magazine, which the city expects to release in May, he said.

"We don't want this to be your average, boring, meeting-planner magazine," Twomey said. "We want to dispel any rumors. We want to create a complete definition [of Morrow] and keep people coming back to it."

Twomey said the magazine will be approximately 24 pages and consist of maps, advertising, and descriptions of Morrow's various amenities.

According to Lauren Singleton, event coordinator for the Morrow Tourist Center, the magazine will feature detailed sections on the Morrow Center, Olde Towne Morrow, the Morrow Tourist Center, the city's hotels, its shopping and dining, and its leisure activities and other attractions.

"The idea behind the magazine is getting bigger groups into the city, such as family reunions, trade shows ... and show them that we have the resources and facilities here to do whatever kind of events they want to have," Singleton said. "It's great for the visitors, but also the residents. A lot of people don't know what the Morrow Business and Tourism Association does, or [about] the amenities [in the city]. This will give the citizens a better idea of what their city does."

In order to steer more traffic toward Olde Towne Morrow, and better accommodate large crowds, the MBTA announced that this year's SummerFest on the Green would take place at Olde Towne Morrow, rather than near the Reynolds Nature Preserve. The event will be held on Saturday, June 26, two Saturday's prior to Independence Day, and will feature games, rides, fireworks, and musical entertainment by Party Nation.

Twomey also announced that the city will attempt to revive "Fashionatta," a charity fashion show once put on by Rich's department store. Being proposed as an annual event, Fashionatta would showcase the fall and winter fashions of local department stores in a runway-style setting, with the proceeds going to local non-profit agencies.

"Fashionatta was something that was highly anticipated every year," Twomey said. "It will let people see what the trends are, and bring people back to shop here."

He said the tentative date for Fashionatta is Oct. 3. For more information about the events, call (770) 968-1623.