Man on trial in double murder

One of two victims in a 2006 double murder was stabbed 62 times, and blood from both victims, along with that of the suspect in the case, was believed to be found near the crime scene, witnesses testified Wednesday in Lonnie Dawson's murder trial.

Dawson is accused of killing his ex-wife and a man whom she had reportedly been dating, in March 2006.

The bodies of Lisa Dawson, 48, and Kenneth Sands, 40, were found in her Briar Ridge Lane home near Jonesboro. Lisa Dawson reportedly worked as a victims' advocate in the office of then-Solicitor General Leslie Miller Terry.

On Wednesday, Jessica Walker, an expert in forensic biology and DNA testing, who was working for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation at the time, testified that DNA from blood stains reportedly found on Lonnie Dawson's jeans matched that of both victims. She also said that she could not exclude the possibility that blood from all three was found staining the back door of Lisa Dawson's home.

Lisa Dawson's co-workers reportedly became concerned after she didn't show up for work on the day she was found dead, and went to check on her.

Lonnie Dawson was reportedly located at Southern Regional Medical Center shortly after the bodies were found, being treated for cuts.

On Wednesday, Dr. Keith Lehman, a forensic pathologist for the GBI Medical Examiner's Office, said Lisa Dawson had been stabbed 62 times and suffered numerous cuts.

Lonnie Dawson's trial is expected to continue today in Clayton County Superior Court.

-- Michael Davis