Motorcycle mechanic injured in hit-and-run

By Michael Davis


A motorcycle mechanic was injured when he was struck by an apparent hit-and-run driver over the weekend, while reportedly test-riding a motorcycle.

According to a Riverdale Police report, Craig Wedgwood, 59, of Atlanta, was struck Saturday near the intersection of Ga. Highway 138 and Taylor Road. A witness told police that a maroon Pontiac Grand Am, with a Georgia tag, struck the 1999 Harley-Davidson Wedgwood was riding, and forced him into a 2006 Honda Accord.

The police report said Wedgwood was taken to Atlanta Medical Center with visible injuries.

Billy Turner, a service manager at Harley-Davidson of Clayton County, where Wedgwood works, said he'd been test-riding a Harley-Davidson he'd been working on when the accident occurred. "Normally, whenever we repair one, we test-ride them to make sure they work properly," he said.

Turner said he's worked with Wedgwood for about six years, and has known him to be an experienced mechanic and rider. "You don't want to see anybody have an accident," Turner said. "We look forward to him getting well and returning to work, but I'm sure it's going to be down the road a ways."

The police report lists the Grand Am as reportedly having a DeKalb County tag.

Riverdale Police Chief Samuel F. Patterson said anyone with information that may lead investigators to the driver of the Grand Am can call the department's non-emergency line at (770) 996-3382, and either leave a tip, anonymously, or follow the prompts to leave a message with investigators.

"Anybody that might be able to help us identify the perpetrator vehicle, we'd love to hear from them," Patterson said.

Wedgwood's girlfriend of three years, Sissi Fletcher, said Wedgwood, on Wednesday, was being moved to an acute-care wing of Atlanta Medical Center and would be undergoing occupational, speech and physical therapy, and that he'd likely need long-term care thereafter.

She said she would like whoever was behind the wheel of the Grand Am to be brought to justice. "How can you just run somebody down in the street and leave them to die?" she said.